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Each year parents gather to teach the third grade a variety of colonial crafts and skills.  Parents play an essential role in the Germantown Academy curriculum, offering their expertise to enrich the children's experience.  Units such as this one become more meaningful when students are immersed in activities of the time period.  All of our trips, activities, readings, journal entries, and other writing assignments are designed to show our students another age from many different points of view.  This approach encourages students to utilize their multiple intelligences. Parent participation is critical to the success of our program. 

Please click on a craft to enjoy photos and learn about the activity

Apothecary - Making Cough Syrup (05)
Apothecary - Headaches (04)
Colonial Cooking:  Baking Cornbread and Making Butter (05)
Colonial Cooking:  Making Applesauce (03)
Colonial Cooking:  Making Butter (02)
Colonial Cooking:  Making Pretzels (03)  
Games:  Nine Men's Morris (03)
Games:  Marbles (04)
Games:  Bean Bag Toss (04)

Handcrafts:  Basketmaking (05)

Handcrafts:  Candles (99)
Handcrafts:  Corn Husk Doll (Spoon Dolls) (05)
Handcrafts:  Cross Stitch (00)
Handcrafts:  Diaries & Quill Pens (99)
Handcrafts:  Dried Beans Gift Box (05)
Handcrafts:  Dried Fruit Strands (04)
Handcrafts:  Friendship Pillow (04)
Handcrafts:  Hand Broom (00)

Handcrafts:  Pomander Balls (05)

Handcrafts:  Quilts (99)
Handcrafts:  Silhouettes (05)
Handcrafts:  Slate Paintings (99)

Handcrafts:  Stenciled Gift Paper (04)

Handcrafts:  Tinsmithing (05)

Handcrafts:  Tussie Mussies (04)
Handcrafts:  Wall Hangings (00)
Handcrafts:  Weaving (05)
Handcrafts:  Wigs (99)

Activities vary from year to year depending on parental input.

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