China...Land of the Dragon

When We Study China

Fifth Graders Create Dragons That Fly!

Students used gif animation to bring their dragons "to life!" Check out the poetry that describes these magical creatures.

Author   Title
Christina M.  Lands, the Dragon 
Hillary L.  The Dragon King
Julie M.  My Whimsical Dragon
Pooja B. Fly
Ricky L.  Death Dragon
Sarah S.  Multi Man and His Day in Time
Katie Al. My Dragon
Elizabeth B. Othello
Alaina L. Ivy
Chris W. Rathi
Jessica L. Beware or Befriend
Leigh S. My Dragon's World
Tess G.  Dream  
Alyce F. The Jade Warrior
Brian C. Midnight
Tom W. Midnight Dragon
Diane B. My Magical Dragon 
Evan V.  My Dragon
Joe S. Brass Dragon
Lisa B.  My Dragon
Mark M. Shrimp the Dragon
Sara Su. The Pitter Patter of Rain
Alina A. The Dragon
Alyssa T. Goliath
Ricky L. Death Dragon
Julia C. The Dream Spinner
Samantha C. My Dragon Ivan
Danielle D. Nina
Dalea D. Todd
Edward L. My Dragon
Elaine M. My Dragon Poem
Jenny K. The Sky Lifter
Andrew S. Dragons - The Good and the Bad
Ali D. Speckles the Dragon
Casey H. Dragon Wings
Don S. Lord of the Dragons
Eric T. My Dragon
Elizabeth Ba. Swirls
Jacquelyn K. Dragon Poem
Julian N. I Am a Dragon
Kristen T. My Dragon
Lisle O. Dragon Poem
Marisa M. My Dragon Crunch
Mark W. My Dragon
Sara H. Afterlife
Tessa M. Dragon's Day
Dean T. Shiven
Mike C. The Story of Stewart
Melissa P.  Soaring With Pride So Strong
Ricky V. Night Lizard
Katie A. Dragon
Kristin G. Pete (My Dragon)
Leesandra G. My Dragon
Michael K. Dragon Poem
Michael B. The Tree Hider
Myron T. Dragon Poem
Nicole F. Dragon of Dragons
Phillip A. Bart the Dragon
Rebecca F. Dragon Poem
Robert A. Dragon Poem
Warren S. All the Dragons
Ben H. My Dragon Poem
Rebecca P. My Life As a Dragon
Greg S. Rathy the Drake
Stuart U. Fryar
Blair M. Allegro
Jordan B. Fantasy
Matt B. Tempest
Ryan G. Blaze
Mike S. My Dragon