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American Badmitton League Shuttles Across America with lessons on technique/rules/courts

Badmitton Central for Rules (Laws), Facts / Techniques

International Badmitton Federation - Rules (Laws) - History


Bandy - See Floorball


Bocce COLLEGIUM COSMICUM AD BUXEAS - see history and rules

International Bocce Association

World Bocce Association - About Bocce


Boomerangboom2.jpg (2226 bytes)

Aboriginal Steve's Boomerang Page

How to Make a Paint Stick Boomerang

United States Boomerang Association


Boules - See Pétanque


Bowls /
Lawn Bowling

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Bowls / Traditional Games

Unofficial Lawn Bowls Home Page   - History - Object of the Game



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CricInfo - About Cricket - Rules/History

Ozsports - An Explanation of Cricket



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Croquet Canada - see rules, equipment

Croquet in America

Croquet - Traditional Games



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The Brown University Curling Club - Curling - What is It?

ICING for rules/description/history


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Fencing Net

Fencing 101


Floorball / Bandy
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Cal Tech Floorball Club - Rules - Tactical Tips

International Floorball Federation


Footbag /
Hacky Sack

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Footbag World Wide for Overview (history, rules) FAQs    (equipment) - The Sport of Footbag

The Official Rules of Footbag Sports from the International Footbag Committee


Handball United States Handball Association   - History


Hacky Sack see Footbag


Jai AlaiJaiplayer.gif (709 bytes)

Jai-Alai-The Game

Jai-Alai: World's Fastest Game's Fastest Game






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International Korfball Federation - Click "About Korfball" for History and Timeline

University of Bristol Korfball Club
History and Rules of Korfball

University of Wales Cardiff Korfball Club - go to "What is Korfball" for rules and history

World Sport / Korfball


Lawn Bowling - See Bowls


Merrills /
Nine Mens Morris

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Nine Men Morris from Traditional Games



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International Federation of Netball - Rules, Specifications

Netball - CyberSydney

What is Netball? Alberta Netball Association

World Sport - The Game of Netball

World Sport - The History of Netball


Nine Mens Morris see Merrills


Orienteering / Rogaining

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How to Use a Compass

International Orienteering Federations

Orienteering for the Young

US Orienteering Federation


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Paddle Ball

US Paddle Association


Pétanque /

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Pétanque America Game and Rules

Pétanque USA

Playaboule:  About the Game

World Wide Web Pétanque and Boules Community -
See Rules & History


PoloLacrosse Polocrosse Australia - Origins and History

Polocrosse Field and Equipment


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Loneliness of the Silly Walker

USA Track & Field

Racewalking 101

Mining Company Race Walking


Rounders / Townball

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Rounders Description and Rules





International Rugby Board

Introduction to the Game of Rugby Fives


Sepak Takraw Takraw - Training

USA Takraw Online


Shove Ha'penny Shove Ha'penny - History and Useful Information from Traditional Games



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How to Play Snooker

Snooker - Traditional Games



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Internet Squash Federation   -Rules - History

US Squash - A History of Squash


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Bat and Ball Games - Traditional Games

National Stoolball Assocation


Sumo Wrestling


Townball - See Rounders

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