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by Sterling, Jon Germantown Academy 6th grade     1996

State the name of your game and why you chose it.

We chose Jai Alai because it sounds fun and interesting. We especially like this game because the ball moves 150 mph.

List the countries where it is played and its origin.

The game originated in Spain and is played in South America and the United States.

Describe how your game is played. State the object of the game. Clearly describe the rules.

List the equipment needed.

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  • A ball, called a pelota, which is similar to a baseball, but harder.
  • A curved wicker basket called a cesta
  • A court with wall to bounce the ball off.

Make recommendations for what type of athlete would enjoy playing this game. What skills does it demand?

Sterling: I think a tennis player would enjoy playing this game the most.

Jon: I think the type of athlete that would enjoy Jai Alai would be one with good hand-eye coordination and one who likes one-on-one games. A good place to play would be inside a room like a very small gym.

What are your feelings about this game? Did you enjoy playing it? Would you recommend it?

Jon: I feel that his game is not too good because you could probably get killed. This means you should not play it with inexperienced players.


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