Multicultural Games

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by  Will, Ryan, Trevor Germantown Academy 6th grade     1996

State the name of your game and why you chose it.

The game is called quilles and we chose it because it is very similar to bowling.

List the countries where it is played and its origin.

Quilles is played in France where it was invented.

Describe how your game is played. State the object of the game. Clearly describe the rules.

List the equipment needed.

Make recommendations for what type of athlete would enjoy playing this game. What skills does it demand?

Will: An athlete would probably not like it because you don't get to exercise. A person who likes to bowl would probably enjoy this game. When it's raining out you an play this at home.

Kyle: Anybody can play this game because it doesn't take any speed and not much skill

What are your feelings about this game? Did you enjoy playing it? Would you recommend it?

Will: This game is neat because it's like bowling here, but they have a different version.

Kyle: You can play it outside if it's a nice day or indoors. I likes this game because it takes aim and luck.

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