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by Johanna, Lee, Ashley, Kellyn Germantown Academy 6th grade     1996

State the name of your game and why you chose it.

We picked team handball because we had heard of it but didn't know anything about it.

List the countries where it is played and its origin.

This sport originated in Central Europe. It is played in Sweden, France, South Korea, Norway, England and the United States. It is an Olympic sport.

Describe how your game is played. State the object of the game. Clearly describe the rules.

List the equipment needed.

Make recommendations for what type of athlete would enjoy playing this game. What skills does it demand?

Ashley: I think an athlete who likes to play volleyball and who likes to move around a lot will like to play this game.

Johanna: I think an athletic person would be good at handball. I think you would need strong arms and quick reflexes. You would also be good at this if you are good at strategies and thinking. You have to know where the ball will go next when you have a limited amount of time to hold the ball. You also need to be able to work as a team because when you have a time limit you can't do everything yourself.

Kellyn: I would recommend this sport to people who like basketball and soccer, because it is a cross between the two sports.

What are your feelings about this game? Did you enjoy playing it? Would you recommend it?

Ashley: Fun game to play.

Johanna: I like this game because it's fun and you can do many different things with it. You can play it like basketball and dribble it or as a goal keeper you can play it like soccer. I also like the game because it's quite simple to learn the basic rules.

Kellyn: I felt the game is a fun game because it is a very active game. I also like the game because it has the same object as my favorite sport.


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