The Wampanoag Indians

By Lukas

I am studying the Wampanoag Indians and this is some information on them. The Wampanoag Indians have a language that is a part of the Algonquin language family. In the past, the Wampanoag people lived in what is now Massachusetts. Today these Indians live in southern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

In the pas, these Indians believed in a Great Spirit and that all things in Nature had a part of the Great Spirit in them. . Now some Indians that are a part of the Wampanoags still believe in that religion but some are Christian people. They had spritual beliefs about animals, and the cycle of life. They sat together in circles and told stories of the cycle of life and the Great Spirit.

The Wampanoag Indians ate fish and other animals, they also ate corn, beans, and squash. The Wampanoag hunted from the land to the sea. They hunted animals and grew fruits and vegetables. They saved this food and ate them during the winter, the vegetables anyway. Wampanoags also caught shellfish and lobster. Wampanoags made their clothes from animal skins. It went under the legs and it got tied to a belt . In the winter time, they put more animal skin on to keep warm.

In the past, these Indians made houses called a wetu. A wetu is a round building with a round roof. The men made this type of house by tying sticks and branches together, they covered it by putting grass and tree bark on it, that made the roof. These Indians also built long houses , these houses were used for tribal meetings. I hope you enjoyed my report and I hope you try to learn more about the Wampanoag Indians.


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