The Rhode Island Colony

By: Ben


The colony of Rhode Island started with religious people like William Blackstone. William Blackstone was the first English settler in Rhode Island. William Blackstone was a hermit and he came to Rhode Island to avoid persecution from the Puritans. The people that came after him were refugees from Massachusetts, who were also being driven out by the Puritans. The first of these men was Roger Williams who came to Rhode Island in 1636

The non-Puritan religious leader Roger Williams founded Rhode Island by buying land from the Narragansett tribe. He started a town called Providence. He made a plantation that was successful. By the 1670's, Rhode Island was made of 4 major areas and 6 counties. Providence Plantation was so successful it caused Rhode Island to be called "County of Providence Plantation."

Rhode Island was a total rival to England. They were the last colony to sign "The Constitution" because the representative from Rhode Island was sick. Rhode Island was the first colony to protest the stamp act by burring the British war ship the Gaspee. Rhode Islanders were involved in The Boston Tea Party.

In this coastal state the first English settlers stole land from the Native Americans tribes. So the Narragansetts, Nipmus, Pocassts and the Sakonnets fought back to drive the settlers out of New England. The tribes did not succeed in winning the war. The settlers and the Native Americans used wampum for money. The jobs that Rhode Islander were famous for were their ship building and sail making because of the coastal geography.

My stamp is going to have people coming through the woods to get to Rhode Island. The people are going to be Roger Williams and William Blackstone. I picked these people because they were the first settlers and they really started Rhode Island by making little towns and villages.

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