The Finding of Roanoke

by Kerry


Sir Walter Raleigh wanted to find gold and have a base where English pirates could work from when attacking the Spanish. Sir Walter Raleigh was the developer of the Virginia colony where Roanoke (the Lost Colony) was located.

Sir Walter Raleigh sent explorers, like John White, to start the Roanoke colony. The explorers found Native Americans, like the "Croatian". They got along pretty well, and they traded beads. In return, the Natives would give the explorers food.

Raleigh decided to try to colonize again and sent John White who he made governor. He created the colony of Roanoke, and started to build a settlement.

The colonists of Roanoke needed supplies. They said John White should go home to get supplies, because they had none. So, he went, leaving all of his family and friends behind.

When John White tried to come back, he couldn't, because the military needed all the ships for their own uses. So, White had to wait 3 years!

Finally, when he came back in 1590, he only saw houses in disrepair. No one was there. But...on a nearby tree something was carved. It said, "Croatian", which was the name of a nearby island. He tried to sail there, but a storm took him back to England.

No one knows what happened to the colonists, but maybe Natives attacked them. Maybe, since the people were planning to go somewhere else, they went there.

In the picture, I drew White's settlement, because that is where they stayed. I chose reddish brown because I thought it would be a good color to use for it to look like a stick made house.

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