Abigail Adams

By Kim


In Weymouth, Massachusetts, in the year of 1774, something very special happened to the Smiths, because Abigail Smith was born. As Abigail grew she had very little education at home. Abigail's grandmother educated her.

When Abigail was a young lady she met a man named John Adams who later became the second president of the United States of America. Abigail married John Adams and became Abigail Adams. Abigail's mother always wanted her to marry a minister, like she did when she married Abigail's father. Abigail had four children. Their names were John Quincy, Charles, Thomas Boylston, and Nabby. Abigail had her own opinions about running the country.

During the Revolutionary war Abigail made over ten thousand musket pellets to help the American soldiers. Abigail Adams died in 1818. Later, after Abigail died, John Quincy, Abigail's son, became the sixth president.

My stamp has Abigail Adams in the evening, with musket pellets on the table, watching the war. I made it that way because that's probably what ladies did when the day was ending. I drew the musket pellets because that's what she made during the war.


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