The Burning of the Gaspee

by Kurt


The Burning of the Gaspee happened as a result of the Stamp Act. The colonists were unhappy with the British. They were unhappy with the British because British ships were harassing local vessels for smugglers. Smugglers are people who try to get out of paying the taxes on items such as sugar.

When the British ship, the Gaspee, was stuck on a sandbar near Namquid Point, Rhode Island, a group of Colonists called the Sons of Liberty boarded the ship and burned it! The captain was William Duddington and the ship was burned the night of June 10,1772.

This was a great event for the Colonists because they were paying the British back. It was the first time the Colonists felt like they gave the British a punch. This was not a good event for the British but they still controlled the colonies. This was one of the events that led up to the American Revolution.

I drew my stamp the way I did because it shows the ship getting burned on June 10. It shows the ship vacant. It shows fire on the ship, and it has the event and date on it.

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