The Battle of Quebec

By Mael


The Battle of Quebec took place on September 13, 1759. It ended 30 minutes later. The battle was between the French and the British. John Wolfe was the leader for the British and he died in the battle. The French leader was General Joseph de Montcalm. He died the next day from all the wounds he received in the battle. The Iroquois, a Native American group, helped out the British. The Iroquois were a very strong group.

The Battle of Quebec was part of a bigger event, that event was the " Seven Year War " also known as the French and Indian War. That event started in 1756. It was a war made up of a lot of little battles. I took place in Asia, Europe, and then moved into North America because the British and French were fighting for land and fur. The French colonists felt very mad because the British were invading their land. The British colonists wanted more land and were moving west of the Appalachian Mountains, invading the land the French fur trappers needed The British were happy because they owned very little in the New World and they wanted more land. In 1763 the British and French signed a peace treaty in Paris, France.

The Battle of Quebec was part of the Seven Year War. It was one of the battles going on and an important one too. The British started winning more and more of those little battles and all they had to do was eliminate the French in Quebec and there would only be a little French left in North America. So on September 12, 1759, in the dark of the night, the British climbed a 180 foot cliff with 5,000 troops when everybody was sleeping. The next day the French woke up to find the British there waiting for war. Although the French had 10,000 troops the British were in perfect position for an attack, and beat the French in 30 minutes.

On my stamp I drew a picture of John Wolfe and Joseph de Montcalm holding swords up to each other with their country flags right behind them because they were the leaders in the Battle of Quebec. I drew flags so you can recognize what country they were from. I drew houses in the back round because behind the battle field in Quebec there was probably houses. I also wrote the Battle of Quebec in the center because that's what the event is about. And I wrote " British vs. French " just in case they didn't recognize the flags.

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