Cayuga Stamp Report

By Peter


The Cayuga came from Siberia. They arrived in America by crossing the ice bridge. Then went south to the finger lakes in present day New York state.

The Cayuga ate dried meats, berries, fish, vegetables, and fruits. They lived in longhouses made of wood and bark. In each longhouse there was a clan.

Their government was closely related to ours. Each clan had a delegate to become the chief but had to be approved by a clan or delegate. Women could expel a bad delegate if he was bad. The Cayuga believed that they should only take what they need from nature. Tribe meetings were held in the center of the village.

One festival was the Green Leaf festival, held once a year. During the French and Indian war the Cayuga fought for the English. In the Revolutionary war the Cayuga also fought for the Tories. Now they live in the Six nations Reserve in Ontario, Canada.

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