By Rob


Connecticut was a small colony and was very cold. Connecticut grows more flowers than any other state in the whole U.S.A. Connecticut was the fifth colony founded. Adriean Block founded the colony in 1633.

Connecticut's main foods are anything that comes from the water like fish, clams, oysters, lobsters, scallops and flounder. But the founders also hunted many animals and grew their own food too.

Hartford was Connecticut's colony capital, and it still is Connecticut's capital while you are reading this! Connecticut was a northern colony and that is why it is pretty chilly there. The latitude is forty-two degrees and the longitude is seventy-three degrees Fahrenheit.

Nathan Hale was one of the most famous people from Connecticut. He was very well known because one time the Patriots were in a war with Britain and he was on the Patriots' side. He was so brave that he risked his life. The British captured him and they hung him and he died. His last sentence before he died was: "I only regret that I have one life to lose for my country." That is how became very famous and people still talk about him today.

I made a picture Connecticut and the states that border Connecticut I made fish, lobsters and clams in the picture because it was the main food. I made flowers because they grow more flowers than any other colony.

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