John White

by Elizabeth

This stamp has a picture of John White holding a paintbrush because he was a painter. The sea, with a small ship, is in the background because John White and his party settled near the ocean. There are some waves in the ocean and some tufts of grass here and there. John White is wearing a plain white shirt with a vest, pants, and a small, simple scarf.

This stamp honors John White, the governor of the first English settlement in America. Most people think of Jamestown as the first English settlement in America, but actually Roanoke Island was settled in 1587.

John White was born between 1540 and 1550. He died in the 1590's. He married Thomasine Cooper in the London parish of St. Martin in 1566. He came to the "New World", but had to return to England to find more supplies. While he was gone, his daughter, Eleanor, had a baby named Virginia Dare. She was the first English child born in America.

It took John White four years to return to Roanoke because the British were involved in such battles as the Defeat of the Spanish Armada. When he returned to Roanoke, he found no survivors. The only clue was the word Croatoan written on the trunk of a tree. The Roanoke settlement did not last, and even today, we do not know what happened to the settlement.

Kraut Rubinfield Vieille 4th grade Lower School