Plimoth Plantation

by Andrew

Plimoth Plantation was founded in 1627, but Plymouth was founded in 1620 by the Pilgrims who were going to Jamestown, but were blown off course by a terrible storm and landed a long way away from Jamestown. It was the winter when they arrived, so they were forced to settle there and they called the area Plymouth. Seven years later, Plimoth Plantation was built around a field and it grew into a part of Plymouth.

The Pilgrims founded Plymouth because they wanted to worship freely, not the King's way. The Pilgrims are also know as Separatists because they separated from the Church of England.

The Pilgrims started Plimoth Plantation to grow crops. After that, they built houses by the Plantation and then a fence was built around it. There were 35 little houses in a fort-like arrangement with little bushes and flowers surrounding a fence-like barrier. There was a path that led to the sea and fields. Life was very hard for the people who lived there.

Plimoth Plantation was the start of a new idea to start a new country. If the Pilgrims had not been blown off course, we might not have Thanksgiving.

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