Salem Witch Trials

by Chloe

The Salem Witch Trials took place in the year 1692, in the small town of Salem, a town in the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

This series of events began when three girls started acting strangely, climbing under tables, muttering to themselves and claiming spirits were talking to them. People saw and heard this and began to believe there were witches. (Usually the sentence for accused witches was to be hung.) Though many people think convicted witches were burn or thrown in water to drown, this is only in other countries. In Massachusetts the usual sentence for witches was hanging. Sir William Philip, the governor of Massachusetts, built a courthouse to investigate the matter.

Sarah Good was one of many women to be accused of witchcraft. She was accused of flying through the air on a broom stick on her way to a witch meeting. Another accused witch was Tituba, the Indian slave of Reverand Samuel Parris. Parris, aside from being a reverend, was at one point a judge of the witch trials. It was quite rare for a man to be accused of witch craft,



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