The Delaware

By Julie

The Delaware tribe started many years after the Ice Age. They spoke the Algonquin language. The Delaware also called themselves the Lenape. The Delaware lived originaly along the Great River between new Jersey and Pensylvania. When other people came to their land, the Delaware people were forced to sign treaties giving up their land. The Delaware had trouble finding new land, they were always driven away. Then they finally moved to Indiana and and Canada where they still live today. The women in the tribe grew corn, beans, squash, pumpkins, and sunflower seeds to eat.

The Delaware belived in many different spirits. They believed the spirits gave them strength and power to work. They celebrated the spirits with different ceremonies. Two ceremonies were especially important to them. They were the Corn Dance and The Big House Ceremony. The Corn Dance was to thank the Corn Mother for corn. The Big House Ceremony was held to be thankful for the tribe they are. The Delawere celebrate most of their ceremonies with a dance.

In the Delaware tribe, there were two chiefs. One chief was the captain who led in times of war. The other chief made sure everything was running smoothly in the tribe. He made sure the corn, squash, beans, pumpkins, and sunflowers were growing so they would have something to eat and he made sure there were not any other problems in the tribe. If there were any problems he would be the one to fix them. The Delaware's jobs were divided by the chief who saw if things were running smoothly.

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