Anne Hutchinson

By Jackie

Anne Hutchinson was born in England in 1591. A few years after she was born, she and her family moved to Boston, Massachusetts. When Anne was in her twenties, she married a man named William Hutchinson. When she was about twenty-five, she started a place where women could go every Sunday. They would talk about the Sunday services, slavery, her messages from God and women's rights. Anne Hutchinson believed all of these things should be changed.

The men did not like a woman telling their wives "untrue" things about the Puritan religon and telling their wives they should not have slaves. The men thought they were just so good and should not have to work. Anne would ask them, " Why should the Africans and Native Americans have to work just because they have different skins and different beliefs? Why do you enslave them? If they were more powerful than us would you want to be a slave?"

They would reply, "We're better than them and we deserve better things." But Anne believed in fairness. Just because Africans and Natives were different than Americans, that didn't mean Americans were better.

She always had the Sunday meetings and sometimes she preached. In 1631, ministers got tired of Anne saying she got messages from God. They said they they were the only ones who got messages from God. she was tried in the court of Massachusetts. She was found guilty and was banished from the state of Massachusetts. She moved to an island in Rhode Island and while she was there, her husband died. In Rhode Island, she had Sunday meetings but did not preach. She lived there for two years and then moved to New York. She was killed there by a NativeA massacre.

She was fifty-two years old. When she died, her beliefs still lived on. She had a great life helping and making life better for other people.

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