By Katie

In 1606, King James the First of England granted two companies the right to colonize Virginia. He sent three ships under the command of Captain Christopher Newport. The three ships were named the Discovery, the Goodspeed, and the Susan Constant.

Virginia was founded on May 14, 1607, and was the first colony out of the thirteen. It was named after the Virgin Queen, Elizabeth the first.

Some of the well-know people are Captain Christopher Newport, John Smith, Chief Powhatan, and his daughter, Pocahontas.

People settled in Viriginia because they wanted to find gold. Instead they found Native American people. There were two Native American tribes: the Algonquin, and the Iroquoian. They helped people in many ways. One was to help the people learn to grow corn to eat. They also grew beans, squash , and other vegetables.

In 1607, the major Native American tribe in Virginia was the Powhaten confederacy of the Algonquin tribe. Fighting between the Native Americans and colonists arose when the new settlers began taking land belonging to Chief Powhaten and his people. In 1614 , Pocahontas, his daughter, married John Rolfe,one of the settlers, and there was an eight year peace between the Native Americans and colonists. Pocahantas and John Rolfe sailed to England where she died in 1617. Powhaten died the following year in 1618.

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