The Iroquois

by Matt

The Iroquois were an interesting group because they were more than one tribe. They united six different tribes to form one league. They did this to defeat their enemies in an Iroquois village. The languages the Iroquois would speak was Iroquoian, Gonovian, and Siouan. The Iroquois lived near Lake Ontario. They ate lots of corn and other vegetables that were grown there, as well as eating meat.

The Iroquois believed that everything came from the sky. In the beginning, there was a lovely heaven in the sky over a dark sea. One day, there was a hole in the sky and a turtle fell out. Next, trees fell out onto the turtle's back. As dust and dirt collected on the turtle's back, it became land. Now the people who fell from the sky could live on turtle's back which became land. The Iroquois worshipped their gods by putting on false faces of creatures seen in dreams and dancing around the fire. They also danced to heal medical problems. The Iroquois had six main celebrations: the New Year's Dance, The Maypole Dance, The Planting Festival, The Strawberry Dance, The Green Corn Festival, and The Snow Dance.

The Iroquois also invented some useful things. They made up the game of lacrosse. Also, the tribes of the Iroquois League lived in long houses. Long houses are made of frames of bent saplings. Bark slabs cover the frame. Each family lived in their own space in a family long house.

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