New Hampshire

By Willie


The colony of New Hampshire was founded by John Mason in 1622. It was the third English colony. The colony was named after Hampshire in England. In 1641, some parts of New Hampshire became a part of Massachusetts, then in 1679, New Hampshire became a colony on its own.

The land in New Hampshire was very rocky and it was very cold in the winter. There was also a lot of snow in the winter. There were once glaciers in New Hampshire.

The people who lived in New Hampshire were mostly English. The Native American tribe that lived there was the Algonquins. Life was hard for the people. They did have schools and they also attended church a lot. Their religion was Congregationalism. The people helped each other by having house raisings to build houses. The people hunt and eat fish, meat, corn, and beans. They made a living by logging, ship-building, and trading.

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