William Penn

By Zach

William Penn is best known as the founder of Pennsylvania. He was born in London, England on October 14th, 1644. His family was very wealthy. His father was an admiral in the English navy. He was an educated man, and studied at Oxford Academy. He got kicked out of school because of his religion. He wanted to be a Quaker. He was given land in the new world(America) by the King of England to satisfy a debt that the King owed to his father. The reason why he wanted land was so that Quakers could have religious freedom. Also, he kept on going to jail for his beliefs, so it was good for him to leave.

Penn arrived in Pennsylvania with the Quakers. William was caring and tried to take care of his people. He wanted to give them religious freedom. He had many jobs in Pennsylvania. He was the governor and was also the landlord for the colonists. He was also a church leader.

Penn got married and had eight kids, but only two of the children lived. He got married again and had eight more kids, but four died. He wrote an essay called "Towards the Present and the Future Peace of Europe." In it, he put ways to solve arguments in Europe. A lot of these rules were used in the League of Nations which became the United Nations.

William Penn and the Indians were very friendly. He was good at making treaties with them.

He died in 1718 in England and did not get a chance to come back to his home in Pennsylvania called Pennsbury Manor. William Penn is like the father of the Pennsylvania colony. He was a great man because he stood up for what he believed in.

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