It's Good Neither to be High nor Low

by Kerry

Long ago, in a world where emperors ruled China, there lived a small family of four. There was Grandpa Shang, who was very wise, Shang Da the oldest brother, who always wanted to be emperor, Shang Zee the middle sister, who loved her self the way she was, and Shang Ching the youngest sister, who wanted to be noticed. Grandpa was about to tell his grandchildren a story. Grandpa Shang knew many things like: he could tell when someone was lying. "Children come let me tell you something my Grandfather told me," said Grandpa Shang.


All the children came over to Grandpa who was sitting in a black chair. They all sat down around him.


"I'm going to tell you a proverb. And if you don't listen to it could destroy your life." After a dramatic pause and when all the children stared to him like they were snakes, with a big grin in his face and a twinkle in his eye he said, "It's good neither to be high nor low."


"What does it mean?" asked Da.


"It means that you don't want to have too much power nor do you want to be too poor. You want to be in the middle. You don't want to be a greedy rich man and you also don't want to be an orphan ," said Grandpa.


A few years later, Da wanted more power and had forgotten all about what Grandpa had said. One day Da went to the Emperor's Palace. He gazed up as he saw a picture of a purple dragon embroidered on a silk screen. As he ran up the steps, people stared.



The guards weren't there or they had fallen asleep because it was night time. He pushed open the doors to the throne room and he saw the Emperor sitting in his golden chair. The Emperor looked up. Da bowed and said lying, "Your majesty I have just heard the Mongols have attacked!"


The emperor stood up. "We must act at once," he exclaimed and ran out of the room.


Now the only one left in the room was Da. He went and sat in the emperor throne! A normal citizen could be killed for doing that! He looked around the room and saw some jade. He picked it up and ran out of the palace. It was a pretty big piece of half-white and half-green jade.


Then he sold that fine piece of jade for a lot of money. Then he stole even more jade from the Summer Palace, where nobody was because it was the already fall. This jade was as big as a boulder. He kept stealing and selling until he was the richest man in China apart from the Emperor! Once the Emperor heard rich and powerful man he came to visit Da.


Da didn't know he was coming and left his plans to become more powerful than the Emperor open on his calligraphy table! When the emperor saw this he was ordered to be arrested and killed.


Now Ching, the smallest wanted to be noticed because she was a girl and nobody listened to her. She wanted to be kind so one day she gave a little bit of her money away to the poor. She did that until she had no money left!


She had turned into a poor girl herself. Many people knew how kind she was but now that she was poor they didn't care. She was put into an orphanage and had to live with a mean family to make enough money to live.


Now Zee, the middle sister knew about her brother and sister and how they didn't listen to Grandpa but she wasn't like that. She listened to Grandpa Shang. She stayed being in the middle. And she lived a happy life always remembering,


"It's good neither to be high nor low."



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