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In Pre-K, basic skills are taught through rhythm and rhyme. Children love nursery rhymes: they are delighted by mastering the familiar rhymes, many of which have been set to simple melodies. 

Nursery rhymes can be used to teach important information in an entertaining way:

  • counting
  • abc's 
  • body parts
  • vocabulary - word lists

Each nursery rhyme is a little story unto itself. In many ways they function as simple parables. Traditionally, nursery rhymes have been a vehicle for children to safely explore age appropriate questions about identity and their emotions. Many of these rhymes help children to confront their fears about losing things, getting in trouble or getting hurt. 

Numerous collections feature charming illustrations full of descriptive detail which explore and expand the rhyme's theme in a comforting and entertaining way.

There are many ways to use Mother Goose rhymes in the curriculum.  Art work projects include making humpty dumpty mobiles, cotton ball lambs, decorated mittens and bright aluminum stars. 


Mother Goose Assembly 2004
The Class of 2017 Rhymes!


Thematic Learning 2002

See how the Class of 2015 encounters Mother Goose through visual  arts, language arts and performing arts.

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Mother Goose Play
Silly Rhymes
2001 and 2000
Illustrated Rhymes
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For more information about Mother Goose, we suggest the following web sites:

The Mother Goose Society Page

Rebus Rhymes from Enchanted Learning

The Mother Goose Pages


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Submitted by Bobbie Crane, Pre-K teacher and Andrea Owens, GAnet Coordinator.

PreK Faculty:
Bobbie Crane, Betsy Duryea, Rose Marie Mirabile and April Young


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