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Colonial Market Museum:  Milliner / Dressmaker

Hello my name is Kathryn.  I am a dressmaker.  I am sewing a fashion doll dress.  A fashion doll is not a toy.  It is something that I take around house to house showing mothers what kinds of dresses they can get for their daughters.  I take their orders and bring them back to my shop where I make the real dresses.  I try to have many fabrics for my customers to pick from.  The fabrics I use are made out of linen and cotton.  I make them out of linen and cotton because they donít burn as fast as silk does.

Hello my name is Merry.  Iím a milliner.  Iím very busy working on a gown for Mistress Herold.  First I will have to measure customersí waist and arms.  Next I will have to ask my customer what designs the gown should have.  To make a gown I will need a sewing needle, fabric, ribbon and thread.   Thatís what a milliner does.

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