The 20th Century brought numerous challenges for Americans, from drought to wars, from poverty to the struggle for civil rights. Fifth graders share their perspective of several episodes in American history through the writing of "Struggle Poems." Here are samples of the thoughts and feelings of fifth graders as they learned some really powerful lessons about our history.


Innocent Boy by Rebecca A. Metamorphosis in Nazi Europe by Sam R. Sit by Nichelle H.

The Other Way Around by Allie C.

Ashley P. Civil Cries byNathaniel M.
I Felt by Nolan A. What Happened to Those Sunny Days? by Zach V. Everyday by Lexie N.
Brave Little Ruby Bridges by Pauline K. Little Rock 9 by Patrick L. Bloody War by John M.
The Threats by Hunter P.

Through a Mother's Eyes by AJ A.

I Am a Jew by Matthew M.
Everyday from Now and On by Meg W. Unfair by Caroline A. A Good Day, A Terrible Day by Robbie B.
Nowhere To Turn by Jenna B. Ring, Ring by Stuart B. It's Cold Outside by Brooks C.
Don't Fight Back by Jake D. Scared by Olivia G. Interment by Eric G.
Difference by Kaela G. Why? by Josh H. The Strength to Sit by Amanda I.
When It Fell by Madeline J. Connor L. Rainy Day by Casey M.
The Dark Day by Thomas S. Trevor S. I Understand by Katie W.
Innocence Destroyed by Rachel W. The Black Storm by Curtis Z. Breathless by Alexa
My Struggles In School by Amanda H. We Shall Be Strong by Anvi S. They Too, Are Scared by Claudia M.
I Walk by Emily S We Will Never Give Up by Garret T. The Walk For Our Rights by Gavin C.
I'll Be Brave by Jeremy S.

I'm Not Moving by Kayla


I'm Never Moving by Kishan G.
No Rides For Rights by Lexy P. 2-4-6-8 Why Can't We Integrate by Max H. The Brave Nine by Pravesh P.
The Great Depression by Ryan T. We Walk by Sam L. Not So Great by Shira
The Bus That Segregates by Ryan D.    


This project designed and implemented by the fifth grade teachers from Germantown Academy, Phy Chauveau, Charlotte Dean, Sue Hunsinger-Hoff, and Ellen McMichael. Technical assistance and web page design furnished by Carol Siwinski, Curricular Technology Specialist.

January, 2008