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You have reached the Archive Page of "Chinese" folktales. You might be interested in some of the questions fifth graders are asked following their reading of several folktales, and the assignment/s they are asked to complete. These are listed below.



Following the format of a fable or a trickster tale, create one of your own.

Write a folktale that contains a moral that a Chinese child might be taught.

Why do you suppose many of the stories contain only men?

Is "saving face," as described in many of the Chinese folktales an important issue for other cultures, like ours, for instance?

What is the most common theme of Chinese folktales? What does this suggest to you?

How can a grandmother be considered so wise when women don't seem to play a high role in Chinese culture?

Create a skit based on your favorite folktale, but adapted for an American audience.

Analyze the behaviors of the characters in order to create character sketches of like-minded individuals for a "Hall of Fame" of "tricksters" or "fools" or "thieves", etc.

Compare and contrast the belief systems of numerous characters in order for those with differing points of view to engage in a debate.

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