Chinese Folktales

Enjoy these original folktales written in the style of

Chinese folktales by Fifth Graders, Class of '07, at Germantown Academy


 Author  Title
Eileen K. The Sick Bird
John H. He Who Knows Others Is Wise
Abby C. Men Do Not Know Their Own Faults
Lee-Lee C. The Story of Ming
Karen P. Light a Candle - Don't Curse the Darkness
Mitch S. The Wanderers
Rachel E. The Man Who Wanted Everything
Sarah S. A Greedy Man
Danielle K. Horse on a Cliff
Matt S. Stuck in Heaven
Tommy P. Trouble
Zach L. My Trip to Chinatown
Cate D. An Inch of Gold Won't Buy an Inch of Time
Colin L. Wisdom Is Better Than Weapons of War
Lizzy S. April and June or Beauty is Only Skin Deep,"
Ilana R. Children These Days
Austin A. Parents' Love
Matt D. The Boy Who Couldn't Do Anything Right
Sara M. Understanding
Sarah D. The Girl With One Friend