Title:  Among the Hidden
Author:  Margaret Peterson Haddix
Series: Shadow Children
Reviewed by:

Reviewer: Kellie B. '12

This book takes place in the future during a time when having a third child in a family is banned. The main character, Luke, is a third child so he has to hide all the time. One day Luke sees a child in a house that he knows already has two children. Luke must decide if he should risk his life by trying to meet this child or if he should just go on wondering.

This is a thrilling book to read, because you will never want to put it down. On a scale of 1 to 10 I rate it a 9.

Sequel reviewed: Among the Impostors

Spring 2005


Reviewer: Kelli S. '12

Imagine living your entire childhood hiding. That is just what Luke has to do. Luke is the third child in his family, and third children are forbidden by the population police. These children are known as shadow children.

Since the forest around Luke's house is being knocked down to build a development, Luke is no longer allowed outside. One day, Luke sees the family of four next door go off to work and school just like other families of four. But, once they all leave Luke sees a face of a girl in the neighbor's window.

It takes Luke a while to get up his courage to meet her, but he finally does. Her name is Jen, and she will do anything to get out of hiding. Does Luke dare to risk his life for freedom, and become involved in
her dangerous plan?

Fall 2004

Reviewer:  John B. '11

Luke is the third child who is not able to go outside because if he is caught then the population police will kill him.  Three children in your family meant that you have one too many and it is illegal.  He has neighbor's that have three children too. He notices when their family goes out and he sees a girl in the window.  One day he is home alone and he goes to her house.  They are friends but neither of the parents know about this. Then Jennifer risks going out in public because she wants to prove that it's OK to be a third child. When she is out of her home she gets caught and they kill her.

Winter 2004

Reviewer:  Shelby H. '10

This book is about a boy named Luke who is a shadow child. A shadow child is the third child born into the family. In the future, where this story is set, you can only have two children so Luke's parents hide him. Luke doesn't go to school or outside and he has no friends. He watches the kids from across the street play and wishes that he was one of them but, when he sees a girl in the window of a house which he knows two kids already live there, he decides

that he must meet her. However, Jen is a very imaginative girl who then thinks of a risky and very dangerous plan. If they were caught, who knows what might happen to them. To find out what the astonishing plan is and if Luke and Jen can pull it off, read Among The Hidden.

I would recommend this book to pretty much anybody because this has a little bit of everything in it. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Winter 2003

Reviewer:   Lisa A. ’10

I read the book Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix. The book is about a boy named Luke who is a Shadow Child. That means he is a third child. It is the future where there are only two children allowed in the household so there is enough food for the town. Luke spends his whole life hiding. But when he sees a child who lives in a house where there are already two children he decides to meet her.

The girl, whose name is Jen, has a plan -- a plan that will make shadow children free. But Luke isn't sure if he should go with the plan or not. Luke faces the hard pressure of deciding if he should do it or not. If you want to know the end read the book.

I recommend this exiting and action packed book to everyone. You're sure to love it with its humor and sense of fun. Hope you like it!    

Summer 2002                        

Reviewer:   Rachael S. ’08

Among the Hidden is about Luke, a boy who is a third child in a place where third children are not accepted by law because there are too many in the population. If the "Population Police" find out about a third child, he/she and the family are executed. One day, Luke is eating his breakfast and he looks out the window, (something he is forbidden to do so that no one will see him.) He sees the surprise of his life! At the neighbor’s house he sees another child where there are already two other children. Luke thinks to himself, maybe they are just baby sitting. He decides to go over to the house and meet the mystery child.

I loved this book because it was tragic. I couldn’t put it down. Overall I would rate this book ten because it is the kind of book that I love to read. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves great, thrilling, tragic, awesome books.

Spring 2001

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