Title:  A Boy at War:  a Novel of Pearl Harbor
Author:  Harry Mazer
Reviewer:   Matt S. '10
The name of the book I read is called A Boy At War by Harry Mazer.  This book is a novel about the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese during World War II.  The story settles around a young boy named Adam whose father is in the Navy.  One day Adam is fishing with some friends in a lake near Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.   Suddenly, he sees planes flying over him toward the Navy
base.  In front of his eyes he sees his fatherís ship get bombed along with many others. 

If you read this book you will find out what happens to Adam and his father along with reading about how people reacted to the bombings.  I really love this book.  I like it because I learned a lot about Pearl Harbor that I did not know before.  Also, I enjoy reading stories about kids my own age and I thinkt this book has great description. I would recommend it to everyone, especially people who donít know much about Pearl Harbor and would like to learn.

Spring 2003

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