Title:  On My Honor
Author:  Marion Dane Bauer
Reviewed by:  

Reviewer: Brooke K. '12

On My Honor is a great book that is full of emotion, guilt, and truth. On My Honor is about a teenage boy named Joel and his best friend Tony. Tony and Joel each pressure one another to go in the forbidden river. But, Joel doesn't know Tony can't swim. Tony drowns and dies. Most of the story is about Joel having to live with the fact that his best friend dies while they are both swimming. Joel doesn't tell anybody where Tony is or that he is dead, until he can't hold it.

I recommend this novel to anyone who likes emotional books. A couple of times I threw the book down because it was so realistic and scary. I really like the way the author describes the panic that Joel feels when he tries to find Tony in the river.

Spring 2005

Reviewer:  Jimmy H. '11

This is a story about a kid named Joel who says "on my honor" to his dad about just going to Starved Rock and no where else. But, his friend Tony wants to go swimming in a very dangerous river. Joel dares Tony to swim to a sandbar and they both start swimming to it. When Joel gets to the sandbar, he doesn't see Tony. Something bad happens to Tony and now Joel has to tell his parents and Tony's parents.

If you like mysterious books, then this is the book for you!

Summer 2003

Reviewer:  Voltaire E. '10

On My Honor is a realistic fiction book about a boy who has to deal with his  fear and guilt over the tragedy of a friend. His lying puts his honor to the  test. I feel the tragedy is depressing. Make sure you're in a good mood before you read it.

Summer 2002

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