Working in groups of two or three, you are to select a topic from the topic list which will be supplied by your teacher. The topics will be related to Mexico's culture (art, customs, traditions, holidays), history (the Aztecs, the Mayans, the Mexican Revolution) or geography (a particular city or region of Mexico, a study of environmental issues,etc.) You will use the Internet to research your topic. In this process you will learn to do a web search, to multitask , annotate and cite your resources as you gather information. You will process that information and produce information notecards which will then be turned into an electronic presentation for your peers.

These resources have been provided for you to s]aid in your research. You may use information from other sources as well (books, magazines, articles), but your primary source for information should be through the Internet sites.

Guidebook to Mexico

Culture and Entertainment

Contemporary Culture,257

Mexican Art,254

Pre-Columbian Culture,196

Geography/cities in Mexico

Archeological Sites

Holidays and Celebration\


To accomplish this task you should do the following:

  1. Choose a partner(s).
  2. Choose a topic.
  3. You should use your LAN account to save all work.
  4. Complete the research needed by beginning with the helpful sites in the list under the Resource section of this WebQuest.
  5. As you proceed with your research, you will produce a notecard for each site that provides you with pertinent information. A minimum of 10 notecards is required. Your notecards should have the site address, title, author and dateof publication, at the top. The notecard should contain a summary of the contents of the site written in your own words. You can refer to the multitasking instruction sheet to help you with this task.
  6. Your notcards will be due for approval on January 20, 1998
  7. To prepare for your presentation you will then take the facts which you have gathered , synthesize them and hand in an outline of your information on February 17, 1998. A minimum of 10 slides is required.
  8. Make a PowerPoint presentation which you will present to your classmates and teacher on March 12 & 13, 1998.
  9. Your presentation will be assessed according to the attached rubric.

1. You will have gained in-depth knowledge of a topic in Mexican history/culture, relating to and expanding upon our study of Mexico this year via the video program "La Catrina."
2. You will have learned how to use the Internet for relevant information, how to multitask, annotate and cite your sources.
3. You will have processed the information you have found into a presentation that is well researched, well written, well organized and in your own voice.
4. You will have learned to process, select and present material in an electronic format which has a professional look with an overall graphical theme that appeals to the audience and compliments the information.


This webquest was developed by Kim Whittaker with technical support from Carol Siwinski, for the Spanish 3 classes at Germantown Academy. Your comments are welcome.

The webquest concept was originally developed by Bernie Dodge.

Last updated February, 1998.